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Ri-li is a free game similar to the classic "Snake", but with trains and wagons
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Ri-li is a nice game specially designed for children, and its objective is very similar to the classic game called "Snake": you will have to collect the wagons placed on the scenery, but without crashing against them. In this amusing game, you will live a funny adventure; you'll become a driver of a little train, and depending on your driving reflexes, you will advance to the next levels.

You will have to drive the little train carefully if you don't want to crash into the wagons, and therefore lose your life, because you have only three chances. On each scenery you will find some bonuses that will give you the chance to collect the wagons in a better way. In the game, you will be able to select the level of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. The higher the level, the faster the train will move.

Every time you finish a level, Ri-li will display an article from the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, and you will have to choose the correct number of the article. If you guess correctly, you will earn extra points. Personally, I believe that is an excellent way to learn and memorize these important articles.

Ri-li manages good graphics, sounds and nice background music, thus the game is very attractive and interesting.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Nice images
  • Nice sounds
  • When a level is completed, an article of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights is displayed


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